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Here's a couple more things to watch to take up the last bit of your TV show hiatus.


Chuck- Ever thought how interesting it would be to be a spy or pretended with your friends to be one as a kid after watching the latest 007 movie? Well, I’m sure Chuck did the exact same thing.  Now in his early 20’s he works at the Buy More, otherwise known as the electronics store.  There he works with his best friend Morgan and a crazy group of coworkers add comedic relief to each episode with their laughable shenanigans. 

As this cast of characters comes together, one crazy event, will change Chuck’s life forever, making him invaluable to a secret organization. Entrusted to keep Chuck safe and take him under their wing, this TV show only gets better with each passing season. Full of comedy, great storylines, and likeable characters you can’t help, but binge watch!


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2- Do you remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding back from 2002? Hard to believe it has been that long, but what wasn’t to like about an outrageous greek family that kept you laughing through and through?  Now they’re back and to my surprise even better then ever, as we watch Nia Vardalos navigate married life with her 17 year old daughter, home life with her husband, and her still outrageously loveable and funny family.

Normally sequels are not near as good as the first and leave much to be desired, but I was surprised that this movie far exceeded my expectations and was even better than the first. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 kept me laughing at every turn with its quick humor and the fun loving, tight knit family we all love.

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Happy #WritingWednesday Everyone!

As some of you may have read on my last post, each week on Wednesday I will be blogging about TV shows & movies, upcoming or on right now that are a must watch, new books I’ve picked up I’m reading, writing/tips/WIP and more. I love all things entertainment so why not share with everyone and have fun talking about it every week?

This week I thought what better way to start things out then by going over some great shows you might not realize are right within your grasp that you never realized were out there to watch? Catch up in the last month with these great TV shows before the fall lineup takes over your TV! No spoilers I promise!


Wynonna Earp- I recently stumbled across Wynonna Earp right around Comic Con with all of the buzz I saw on social media. After doing some research and finding out what the show was about it peaked my paranormal interest. I couldn’t help, but see what all the buzz was about for myself.

The story follows the tale of Wyatt Earp and how he brought peace to the town of Purgatory by taking care of the bad guys inhabiting it. Entrusted with this task, with his best friend Doc Holliday and peacemaker (his infamous gun) by his side, he made sure the law abiding citizens of Purgatory were kept safe and out of harm’s way. In doing so though a curse is instilled upon the family after Earps kills, now called revnants (demons) that seemingly come back, stuck in the town of Purgatory, forever seeking revenge on the family and Wyatt Earps great granddaughter, Wynonna Earp.

To my pleasant surprise, this tv show is currently one of my favorites I have been able to catch myself up on. It just finished in June it’s first season and now I cant wait for season 2!

The cast headlined by Melanie Scrofano, Dominque Provost-Chalkley, Kat Barrell, Tim Rozon and Shamier Anderson are an amazing group of actors that are thoroughly enjoyable to watch and have amazing chemistry on screen. As you follow their characters stories you can't help, but fall in love with the many amazing traits each one of them bring to their characters. Interwoven with spunk, tenacity, whitty dialogue and headed by a strong, female cast makes this a one of a kind watch I highly recommend!

 Now how about a movie shall we?


10 Cloverfield Lane-

In the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane we meet Michelle who after getting into a car accident, awakens to find herself holed up in a shelter by Howard and another man who claim the outside world is under a chemical attack and that they can’t leave the bunker under any circumstances. As time ensues the characters begin to adjust, question and try and answer the mysteries of the bunker, Howard, and what life now means for them.

This movie stars John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as we embark on a crazy journey with them that will not only keep you guessing, but will truly shock and awe at the amazing storyline and how well it is written. There is so much substance, interesting qualities, and underlying subtext to this film, it leaves much to be able to review and tell without seeing how this really unfolds through your own eyes.

I can say without a doubt, that this movie has been one of the best storylines with plot twists that I have seen in a long time. A must watch for those who love this genre with a fantastic ending!

As you can see a rampant paranormal mixed with mystery thriller movies and TV are on my latest watches, making the creative sustenance seep into my conscious as I work on book 2 of The Paranormal Adventure Series and sequel to The Ouija Board- Book 1. If you haven’t, pick up your copy today and find out what’s in store for Alycia, Sarah, Lauren and Sacha as they embark on their own journey in the world of the paranormal! The link is here to purchase on amazon: http://tinyurl.com/zkjdspg

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Thanks for reading and see you next week, Shelby

Hello out there to everyone! I have been away far too long and I'm here to catch everyone up on all the latest!

I've been working very hard on book 2 of the Paranormal Adventure Series (PAC) and getting ready for its release later this year.  Looking forward to what you all think and what you most want to know more about in this series.

More info on this project, book 2's title, newest cover and the release date coming very soon!

For those of you who are looking to see more from me on social media and blogging, I have decided to start #WritingWednesday! Each Wednesday I'll be here blogging about my latest works in progress (WIP), writing, and because I'm a huge TV & movie buff I will be blogging on great movies and TV shows I come across and more on the latest new and returning TV shows coming up. 

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See you Wednesday!!


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I have some exciting news I'm hoping to unveil soon for my debut novel The Ouija Board.  More to come on this shortly so keep an eye out and make sure to check back soon!

In the mean time the e-book is out and on sale for only .99 cents.  Grab your copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kobo today!

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Hi All,

Been a while since I've blogged, so I wanted to update everyone.  The Ouija Board is out now on ebook and only .99 cents so grab those copies while you can!  The paperback should be out very soon on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I'll be alerting everyone as soon as it's up!

On this note, some exciting news for the Paranormal Adventure Crew (PAC)....Book 2 is in the works! I have begun writing book 2 and will keep everyone up to date on the all the latest.  Characters are currently cooperating and working together to solve the worlds paranormal mysteries so stay tuned for more on my journey to write this next novel in the series.

In the mean time make sure to brush up on your ouija board knowledge, ghoulish intellect and vast array of ways to rid yourself of evil spirits.  It's going to quite the ride!!!

I'm excited to announce that The Ouija Board has received a 5 star review from Readers' Favorite!

The Readers' Favorite reviewer said, " This story by Shelby White is a goosebumps inducer. It is a chiller and a thriller that makes you want to take out an Ouija board and give it a try. This fast paced story is super fun to read, the girls are charming, witty, and very appealing. All in all, this novel is superb entertainment. A great paranormal fiction that made my day."

See the full review at https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/the-ouija-board.

Don't forget to pick up your copy of The Ouija Board on sale now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Pst!! Guess what?! Tomorrow, December 15th, marks the release of my debut novel, The Ouija Board, but it's on Amazon a day early!  Only .99 for a limited time.  Get your copy today!


After all, a Ouija Board is just a game, right? Gift it for the Holidays to your friends and family and find out!

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Hi All,

I'm happy to announce that my debut novel The Ouija Board will be out December 15th. Teasers and giveaways will be coming soon on my social media outlets.  The Ouija Board and much more follow me on facebook author page on facebook on twitter.


Alycia and her three best friends buy a Ouija board for some late night entertainment, they come in contact with something that defies all reason. They find themselves faced with questions that would make others run in fear. Delving into this frightening unknown, they soon discover they are dealing with a force more powerful than they could possibly understand.

Enlisting some knowledgeable help on supernatural entities, they are introduced to a world they never thought existed.  As they try to maintain the normalcy of their summer break and figure out how to rid themselves of this other worldly being they realize their lives will never be the same and that some games aren’t meant to be played with.

It's day 7 of editing and it's crazy how in such a short time your eyes are opened to the writing style you have picked up and the many ways you can improve the story or portray things in different ways.  Breaking good habits you have been taught all these years for the sake of creative, stylized writing and dialogue and retraining yourself can be a feat in itself.  Knowing that people don't talk perfectly, break up sentences and even speak with slang and fragments alone changes all tones in a story when you really look at it.  It definitely makes me appreciate my characters even more and the creative freedom as a writer you have to make them unique. 

Not too much longer and I can get these turned in for the second round.  More to come on The Ouija Board and my journey through publishing.  Follow me on twitter @swhitewrites and on my facebook page for regular updates!