Hi Everyone!

As some of you may know The Highland Curse has officially come out on paperback and is available on all major retailers.  Don’t forget to pick up your copy today on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Signed copies are available. If interested please send me an email at shelbywhiteonline1@gmail.com with the subject ‘Signed Copy’ with your request or contact me on social media (facebook, twitter and insta) @swhitewrites.

I also have a limited time deal going on right now. For everyone who purchase a paperback copy of either The Ouija Board or The Highland Curse has a chance to purchase a Paranormal Adventure Series themed bookmark for just $5!

Signed copies can be purchased from me and if purchased I will send along 1 of the 2 bookmarks or if purchased online simply post a photo of you with your copy and tag me in it for your chance to purchase!! I can also be contacted on social media for more details and how to purchase.

More exciting things coming up very soon! Be sure to follow my social media for updates regularly on what I’m up to.  Grab your copy of The Ouija Board or The Highland Curse for the long weekend and find out what’s happening in the Paranormal Adventure Series!



I have a friend who owns a copy of your book. I want to borrow it from him but I'd also like to own a signed copy. I am looking forward to purchasing one of your books. I'll definitely send you an email once I'm completely decided. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I hope you'll write soon!

02/27/2017 5:03pm

I have heard many good reviews about 'The Highland Curse' book and that made me interested about it. I like paranormal stories. I also love the cover of the book, love the color combination and it really suits the genre of the book. I think I will like this book. It is really obvious that it is great since it is highly recommended by those who have read it already. I would love to purchase one and it is nice that it is signed by the author. Thank you for sharing this.

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