Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is having a good week! This weeks blog I thought I would discuss some writing tips.

Many times I get asked about tips and tricks for successful writing techniques. So I thought I would start with a great tip on how to really organize your current work in progress (WIP) by beginning your writing with an outline.

Outlines are a fundamental part of my writing process. I put outlines together for every book I write. It helps to keep all of my ideas, plot, characters and storylines in order. This way I don't forget anything, can keep things consistent and successfully plan a full novel.

Each writer has a completely different way of creating their outlines and no way is really wrong. Whether its bulleting main topics to go over or going into specifics from beginning to end of the themes and ideas you want to over, whatever keeps your ideas in order is the way to go.

If you have a great idea and are ready to put it to paper, try an outline and put all of your thoughts into it. Then you will be all ready for when you start writing!


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02/01/2017 10:11pm

Thank you for posting the importance of having an outline first before starting to write a full-length novel. Writing alone is already exhausting, but the job goes harder if you will not have a direction on writing your piece. It's true the writers are creative on their own different ways, but having an outline has been a universal rule for everyone. So, to all aspirant writer out there, please know the importance of outline!

Hmm, that's pretty useful for me. I appreciate your writing tips.

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