Hi Everyone! I am happy to announce that book 2 of The Paranormal Adventure Series, The Highland Curse is now available on Amazon! Grab your copy today!

Buy The Highland Curse Here

Those wanting to start from the beginning make sure to grab The Ouija Board, book 1 and catch up now!

Buy The Ouija Board Here

Both books make a great gift for the holidays, gift ebooks far and wide to all you know for low costs of only $2.99!

If interested in purchasing a signed copy please email me for information!



12/11/2016 9:41pm

I am a fan of Shelby White and I've read some of her books for the past years. I've read some reviews about White's pieces, and all reviews were positive and some of them became a fan. Since White is going to release " The Highland Curse", I'm sure most of the followers will buy this may it be through amazon or the other stores. For sure, this will be a good book for everyone!

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