Happy #WritingWednesday Everyone!

I have now officially completed the edits for The Highland Curse and we're well on our way to its release on December 9th!

Very soon I will be announcing a release party for the upcoming book 2 with giveaways, author hosting, and so much more!

My cover release will be coming up soon as well for everyone to see. Stay tuned and check in for all the latest on my social media accounts @swhitewrites.

Have you read The Ouija Board, book 1 in the series? If not be sure to catch up before December 9th! Follow the link below to purchase the ebook or paperback now!




Great stuff which you have done on this blog appreciated stuff thanks for sharing.

Great piece of work , Ireally like this blog post . Much informative and rich in content .

11/16/2016 9:28am

Okay, I will check it out later. I will purchase the ebook now. I am sure it is a great book.

12/05/2016 9:38am

December 9 is approaching and your followers must be really excited for that release. By the way is The Highland Curse more exciting than Ouija board? Please give us some sneak peak! I've read the Ouija Board, and the story went really well. I cannot wait for the release date since I am really excited to read the book as early as now. I know it will not fail me. Congratulations!

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