It's day 7 of editing and it's crazy how in such a short time your eyes are opened to the writing style you have picked up and the many ways you can improve the story or portray things in different ways.  Breaking good habits you have been taught all these years for the sake of creative, stylized writing and dialogue and retraining yourself can be a feat in itself.  Knowing that people don't talk perfectly, break up sentences and even speak with slang and fragments alone changes all tones in a story when you really look at it.  It definitely makes me appreciate my characters even more and the creative freedom as a writer you have to make them unique. 

Not too much longer and I can get these turned in for the second round.  More to come on The Ouija Board and my journey through publishing.  Follow me on twitter @swhitewrites and on my facebook page for regular updates!

Hi All!

Shelby here, my website is officially up and running!  I will be updating and blogging often on the progress of my newest novel The Ouija Board , writing tips, answers reader questions and more.  Follow me on twitter and facebook as well for all of the latest on my novel, giveaways, book tours and more!