Hi All,

Been a while since I've blogged, so I wanted to update everyone.  The Ouija Board is out now on ebook and only .99 cents so grab those copies while you can!  The paperback should be out very soon on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I'll be alerting everyone as soon as it's up!

On this note, some exciting news for the Paranormal Adventure Crew (PAC)....Book 2 is in the works! I have begun writing book 2 and will keep everyone up to date on the all the latest.  Characters are currently cooperating and working together to solve the worlds paranormal mysteries so stay tuned for more on my journey to write this next novel in the series.

In the mean time make sure to brush up on your ouija board knowledge, ghoulish intellect and vast array of ways to rid yourself of evil spirits.  It's going to quite the ride!!!